Buying trip Magic Las Vegas

Buying trip Magic Las Vegas

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Book your one on one with Alexandria. She can help you open, start, expand your business dreams. With the buying trip Alexandria will  help you brake down what your ideal Customer is, and what she is doing in life. She will create a buying board especially for you. She will go with you to magic she will sit with you  Keeping you on task and showing you how to pick the products for your girl that you both created i e your target market. How to build a full collection not just piece things together. This only happens a couple times a year. Aug is the next opportunity. 

- You will receive 5 hours of her time allowing you the opportunity to make the most of your time at magic. We suggest 2 sessions for a new store. ESP if you are not a local to LA. Meet as many vendors as you can.  While having Alexandria to help and guide you. 

-You will gain access to the items Alexandria has on her site and the wholesale pricing. For items that are instock.

-No refunds No exceptions

Alexandria will work to give you the tools but you must do the work.